Every year it’s the same, and yet every year it changes! The unchangeable is the season. The temperature and the sun allow lightness of dress, the air carries songs and bandas tunes, the evenings are conducive to revelry and entertainment of all kinds.

The unexpected and the hoped for, it is the program of the festivities of the beginning of August in Soustons. The “cartels” of the bullfights, the orchestras and musical groups, the actors of the Landes race, the innovations and the unmissable, the evenings and days, the attractions and the new rides, all this prefigures a formidable festive and convivial “adventure”. And the whole has a name: “the Festivals of Soustons”. This year, from August 6 to 10, 2020, they will unfold their splendor and their spirit to give everyone a few days of shared happiness.

Thank you to the Festival Committee for the enormous work done on this occasion, thank you to the associations, to the shopkeepers, to the companies, to the various partners, to the communal staff. Thank you to the police, the rescue workers, the media, and to all the volunteers who give so much so that this ever-renewed alchemy continues to be a celebration.

Happy Feria to all!
The municipality of Soustons

Find all the program of the festivals on the site of the city of Soustons: www.mairie-soustons.fr