Rules of procedure of the Camping l’Airial in Soustons

Admission requirements

To be admitted to enter, settle or remain on the The campsite manager or his representative must authorize the campsite and respect the rules of procedure. The manager has an obligation to ensure that the The campsite must be kept in good order and respect the application of the present rules and regulations.

The fact of staying on the site implies the acceptance of the present rules and the commitment to comply with them.

Police formalities

  • Any person having to stay at least one night in the campsite must first present to the manager or his representative his representative his identity papers and complete the formalities required by the required by the police.
  • Minors who are not accompanied by their parents will only be admitted only admitted with their identity card, a photocopy of the identity card of the legal guardian and a written authorization from written authorization from the parent.


  • The tent or trailer and its awning must be set up in the specified location the location indicated, in accordance with the instructions given by the by the manager or his representative.

  • Each pitch can only be occupied by one installation (tent, caravan or camper) and one vehicle. On request, an additional small tent can be admitted.

  • It is forbidden for users to engage in any commercial activity or advertising on the campsite.

    Reception desk

    During the opening period of the campsite, the opening hours of the reception office arel are as follows:
    o Low season: 7 days a week from 9am to 12pm and from 2pm to 6pm
    o High season: 7 days a week from 9am to 8pm

    At the reception desk you will find all the information about services, information on food and beverages, sports facilities, tourist attractions in the area and various addresses that may be useful for a pleasant stay.useful for a pleasant stay.


    • The fees are paid at the office. The amount including VAT is displayed at the entrance of the campsite and at the reception desk.
    • For a pitch, the fees are payable the day before departure, or every week in case of a stay of several weeks.
    • For a rental, the stay fee is to be paid upon arrival.arrival.
    • A municipal tourist tax is required depending on the length of stay and the number of people per pitch.

      Noise and silence

    • Users of the campground are urged to to avoid any noise and discussions that could disturb their neighborsThe users of the campsite are urged to avoid any noise and discussions that could disturb their neighbors, as well as the cries of children and the barking of dogs, especially between 10 pm and 7 am.
    • Sound equipment should be adjusted accordingly.
    • Any violation of these provisions will be considered as day or night noise, and may result in a formal notice from the Management. from the Management.


    • After being authorized by the manager or his representative, visitors may be admitted to the campsite under the responsibility of the campers who receive them. The latter must imperatively receivevisitors personally at the reception desk.
    • The camper who receives them is required to pay a fee, as long as the visitor has the possibility to access the services and facilities of the campsite. This fee isThis is posted at the entrance to the campsite and at the reception desk.
    • Visitors are required to respect the internal rules.
    • Under no circumstances will visitors or guests be allowed to enter the campsite into the campsite with their vehicle.
    • In order to ensure the peace of mind, access to the campsite is forbidden to forbidden to street vendors and merchants, canvassers, walkers, picnickers, etc.

      Traffic and parking of vehicles

      Inside the campsite, vehicles must drive at a speed limited to speed limited to 10 Km/h.

    • Traffic is strictly prohibited between 11:00 pm and 7:00 am, except for for vehicles belonging to maintenance and emergency services.
    • Only vehicles belonging to the campers staying at the campsite may circulate in the campsite.
    • Parking on the sites shall not impede traffic flow, prevent newcomers traffic, prevent the installation of newcomers, nor the internal service of the the internal service of the campsite.

    INTERNAL REGULATIONS Conduct and appearance of the facilities

    Proper attire is required. Everyone is required to refrain from from anyany action that could harm the cleanliness, hygiene and appearance of the campsite and its facilities, especially sanitary facilities.

    It is forbidden to dispose of polluted or waste water in the gutters, on the plantations or directly in the ground. Caravans must empty their polluted or waste water into the facilities provided for this purpose.

    Household garbage, waste of all kinds, papers must be disposed of in the corresponding garbage cans and recycling containers.

    The sanitary facilities must be kept in a constant state of cleanliness by the users.

    Washing is strictly forbidden outside the bins provided for this purpose.

    The site which will have been used during the stay will have to be returned to its original state.

    Plantings and floral decorations must be respected. It is forbidden for the camper to put nails in the trees, to cut branches, to make plantations. It is also not permitted to delineate the location of an iIt is not necessary to install by personal means (wire, chain, branch, etc.), nor to dig the ground and make gullies.

    It is strictly forbidden to build fences, to deprive caravans or mobile homes of their means of mobility (tow bar, wheels…), to store used objects.

    Stakes longer than 30 cm may not be driven into the ground due to the presence of cm in length because of the presence of electrical cables, water and sewage systems.

    The hanging of laundry is tolerated until 10 a.m. near the shelters, provided that it is discreet and does not disturb not the neighbors. It should never be done on wires from trees or hedges. Only clothes racks are allowed.

    Only flexible awnings installed as an extension of the caravans are tolerated (canvas awnings with a light frame made of removable and must be dismantled at the end of each seasonal period.

    For safety reasons and to facilitate the intervention of the emergency services, a minimum space of 4m between each dwelling (including the canopy) must be respected.

    The maximum area occupied by the installation must not exceed 30% of the surface of the site.

    It is forbidden to set up traIt is forbidden to set up portable or demountable houses, called light leisure dwellings, without a regulatory authorization.

    Any extension or annex made of wood, sheet metal or other material (terrace with a height higher than 0.60 m, rigid canopy, veranda, fence, plantation) is strictly prohibited.


    a/ General

    A first aid kit is available at the reception desk and at the reception desk and at the pool.

    The gates to the campsite are closed in high season from 11pm to 7am.

    In addition to the passage located at the entrance of the campground, several other evacuation exits are located on the campground as follows:
    o at the level of zone A (Blue exit, North-East, towards the Nicot district)

    o at the level of zone B (Green exit, northwest, towards the parking lot, Port d’Albret road)

    o at Zone S (Grey exit, southeast, towards the bike path) bike path)

    These exits are closed by security gates which can only be opened by the can only be opened by authorized personnel (maintenanceauthorized persons (maintenance staff, campsite management and firemen).

    In case of necessity, the Management can order the gathering of the persons present on the campsite to the assembly area in front of the indoor pool. A sirenwill then sound intermittently to warn the public.

    The assembly area, evacuation routes and directions are marked on the site and indicated on the plans located inside the inside the campsite, at the reception desk, at the entrance of the and on the documents given to the customers at their arrival.

    The prescriptions of the prefectural decree n°2008-675 of July 24, 2008 must be respected. This The by-law is posted and can be consulted at the reception desk.

    b/ Fire

    In case of fire or the beginning of a fire, immediately notify the management.

    Any open fire (barbecue, wood, coal, electricity, gas) is strictly forbidden on the sites.

    Barbecues may only be used in the areas provided for this purpose.

    Fire extinguishers are located throughout the campground and are accessible to guests at all times in case of need.

    Armed fire valves (AFVs) are also placed where access to structures may be difficult for firefighters. difficult for firefighters.

    The use of these extinguishing media other than for fire or incipient fire is strictly prohibited.


    Clients are responsible for their own facilities and must report any suspicious persons to the manager.

    Although security is provided at night in July and August, campground users are advised to take the usual precautions to safeguard their equipment.


    No violent or disruptive games may be played near the facilities.

    The TV room cannot be used for moving games.

    Children should always be under the supervision of their parents.


    Any consumption of alcohol is strictly forbidden in public places and public places and accesses (except bar and restaurant), according to the legislation in force.

    Dead garage

    It will not be possible to leave unoccupied equipment on the site only after agreement of the Management and only in the indicated place. indicated.

    A fee, the amount of which posted at the entrance of the campsite and at the reception desk, will be due for the “dead garage”. for the “dead garage”.


    Only the dogs and cats are authorized to penetrate and reside on the campsite l’Airial.

    The dogs of 1first or 2ndth category are forbidden.
    They must be vaccinated. The owner must be able to present the up-to-date vaccination booklet for any control.

    They must never be left at large. They should not remain on the campground, even if tied up, in the absence of absence of of their masters who will be financially and civilly responsible for their damages.

    They are not allowed in public places.

    Dog owners will have their dogs relieve themselves outside the campsite outside the campsite and pick up their droppings.

    Animals are not allowed in the rentals, even if they sleep outside the even if they are sleeping outside of them.-them.


    You stay under a pine forest, which protects you from the heat, but has two natural disadvantages:
    o pine cones falling during hot periods,
    o falling branches in strong winds or storms.

    Despite the care taken in the maintenance or pruning of this forest, the However, the campsite management asks you to remain vigilant, especially during strong winds.


    Any complaint can be made by hand-delivered letter to the person in charge or by registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt within 10 days after the end of the stay. Claims will only be considered if they are signed, dated, as accurate as possible and relate to recent events.


    These rules and regulations are posted at the entrance to the campground and at the reception desk. It is given to the customer at his request.

    Infringement of the internal regulations

    In the event that a resident disrupts the stay of other users or does not respect the provisions of these rules, the manager or his representative orally or in writing if he considers it necessary, to put inthe latter to stop the disturbance.

    In case of serious or repeated infringement of the internal regulations, and the manager or his representative to comply with them, the representative to comply with them, the latter-may terminate the rental contract.

    Verbal or physical aggression will result in a breach of the rental agreement, immediate eviction from the site and possible prosecution with damages.

    In the event of a criminal offence, the manager may call on the police.

    The Management