Accueil Sports Center Accommodation & Catering

The classic

The bedrooms of 4 are arranged on the mezzanine, with 2 twin beds downstairs, and 2 beds upstairs.

Each bedroom has a bathroom with shower, sink and toilet.

They all have access to a shared terrace.

The rooms
on the lake

The 24 rooms located by the lake are furnished with 2 beds (some of which are suitable for tall people), with a bathroom fitted with a shower, a washbasin and WC.

They are spacious, bright, recent and overlook either the lake or the sports field.

They are all equipped with flat screen TV (TNT reception) and wifi.

The tent village

Located in a closed wooded park within the confines of the Isle Verte Sports Center, the village is made up of 17 tents for 12 people and 2 tents for 6 people and can accommodate up to 216 people.

They are all equipped with a wooden floor, a covered terrace and were set up in June 2012 (new tents).

The arrangement of the tents can accommodate several groups of different sizes, at the same time. Picnic tables decorate the whole.

Two sanitary blocks with changing rooms, shared showers and WC complete the village.

Buffets & brunch

Our different buffet and brunch options are particularly suited to demanding athletes.

Perfectly balanced, they systematically include a starter, a main dish, vegetables and slow sugars and a dessert with dairy and / or fruit.

Sports buffets

The specific menus on order can be prepared by our kitchen team: physical preparations, diets for athletes…

Event menus

The Center de l’Isle Verte can produce any type of menu suited to your events, depending on your needs.

Consult us

Chers clients,

Concernant le pass sanitaire, on s'achemine vers une présentation de pass sanitaire ou test PCR ou test antigénique négatif de - de 72h à compter du 9/08/21 pour les plus de 18 ans.

Cette présentation unique à l'entrée du camping et en début de séjour permettra de profiter de toutes les installations (piscines, bar-restaurant..) durant votre semaine.
Nous allons nous organiser dans ce sens avec une période de rodage « semaine pédagogique » en attendant la publication d'un texte officiel.
Pour toutes les personnes déjà présentes sur le camping avant le 21 juillet 2021 (touristes, résidents..), aucun pass ou test négatif n'est demandé.
Nous restons à votre service et vous assurons que nous mettrons tout en œuvre pour rendre votre séjour le plus agréable possible.
Bien cordialement,
La direction