We’ve already told you about the bike paths, the forest… and what about the ocean and the lakes?


10km from Camping Nature L’Airial, you’ll find Soustons Plage, a stretch of fine sandy beach with mythical waves.

It offers a multitude of possibilities for individual or group activities: surfing, hiking, horseback riding, beach volleyball, lounging, ….


Let’s talk about surfing! It’s the national sport of the Southwest. Depending on weather conditions and tides, you can surf small or powerful waves, and maybe if you’re a group in the water, manage to catch a “family” wave. Pure happiness!

Looking for something calmer? So take the time to stroll along the waves, and admire this landscape with its dunes as far as the eye can see. You can also lie back in the bright sunshine and take a little vacation home with you.

And I’ll let you in on a little secret …. if you’re at the beach with a clear sky, then look in the direction of Spain. You’ll have the chance to see the Basque mountains, and that’s something you can’t see everywhere!



We’ve just praised the Ocean, but our lakes have nothing to envy it… And yes, the power of the waves and the crowds don’t attract you during the summer? So lakes are the solution for enjoying a calm body of water. The Soustons and Vieux-Boucau lakes are close to the campsite.

You can enjoy water sports such as windsurfing, kayaking and paddle-boarding at our leisure center, as well as fishing (don’t forget your fishing license). And you know what, swimming and lounging are also possible!


As you can see, at the doorstep of Camping Nature L’Airial, you’ll find everything you need to enjoy the Landes countryside!





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longboard surfing - Landes
2 horses run on the sand at Soustons beach
2 horses run on the sand at Soustons beach